Whiskey List For July Hangout Q&A!



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Behold! The July Members-Only Hangout Q&A is almost upon us! The theme this month is whiskey and we shall be tasting six selections from Tony’s personal whiskey cabinet in addition to answering all of your guitar related questions.

This month we’ll meet the evening of Wednesday July 15th at 6pm MDT right here.

Tony will review a whiskey, gather your tasting notes, then answer guitar questions, then review another whiskey, then answer more guitar questions.

You can spectate or join in by grabbing one or more of the bottles listed below to taste along side Tony.

If you prefer a different beverage then come prepared with your coffee, tea, beer, wine, or water!

We can’t wait for this momentous guitar and whiskey event!


  1. Profile photo of Markov

    My two favorite things, whiskey and guitars, just when i thought this site couldn’t get any better !
    Might only make the first hour though, as it’s midnight in Ireland and i’ve work the next day 😉

    1. Profile photo of Tony P
      Tony P

      Two of my favs as well 🙂 Would love to see you there even if only for an hour or so 🙂


    1. Profile photo of Tony P
      Tony P


      Thank you for this recommendation, I just went to a tasting last week featuring many varieties of scotch and the like… I am thinking this may turn into a bit of a tradition around TAC… themed tastings during the hangouts 🙂


  2. Profile photo of Stephen S
    Stephen S

    What breed of dog is Bonai?
    Is he for sale?
    Always wanted a drinking buddy dog!

  3. Scott

    I am surprised you did not select anything from the Trailhead distillery in Billings, MT. I think they are creating a name for themselves in the craft spirits industry. And, it is a Montana business, using Montana grains. Oh well, I guess I should not question the master.

    1. Profile photo of Joel

      Just as there are many phenomenal whiskeys out there in the great wide world, there will also be a great many whiskey tastings in the future! Fear not.

      1. Profile photo of John H
        John H

        Ahh…relief. If you ever do a single malt tasting, I’ve got one that all three of you will enjoy…hands down. It won’t even be a contest.

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