Your Practice, Updates, & GAS

Today is the first of what will become regular Monday TAC updates.

We want to give you an “at a glance” overview of what’s going on in the membership from week to week.

The ULTIMATE Guitar Practice Routine

Just show up every day, and I'll tell you what to play!

Your feedback, thoughts, and suggestions are welcome! We definitely want this to be fun, easy to read, and inspiration for you to stay involved with our world class guitar community:)


The monthly TAC Hangout is at Noon this Wednesday September 16th.

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Weekly Survey

How many hours per week do you currently practice?

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Member Spotlight

Dom T was the logical choice to kick off our “Member Spotlight” segment. We want to focus on those who’ve jumped off the cliff and posted a performance on the forums. Dom’s story of early days of nauseating fear of posting is downright inspirational.

“When I hit record, I was scared to death. When I clicked SUBMIT to put it on Facebook, I was physically ill.”

Read Dom’s full Member Spotlight interview!

Hot in The Forum

This is always a hot topic around TAC since most of us suffer from Guitar Acquisition Syndrome…

For those of us with GAS

New guitars this week
Even W’s Taylor 718E Fall LTD
Jeff K’s Martin CEO-7

Tony’s Practice Plan: Sept 14 – 20

Finally the time has come! I do believe this is the last week of the broken finger practice plan! This is of course dependent on what the doc says, but I have put in my time with this splint and I am ready to exercise my pinky and get it back into shape. So in celebration of the last…Read More



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