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  • jumpinjeff

    March 26, 2021 at 11:29 am

    @ Loraine S:

    “how others perceive their work and effort’s value and motivation”

    That was a roadblock for me, I did not find meaningful progress until I abandoned that notion. I had to figure out how I could be intrinsically satisfied. External recognition didn’t make me want to play, it made me want to stop. My intrinsic motivation came in the form of personal recognition of progress (acquisition of applied knowledge and skills) small wins right?. I was distracted by the many voices of external recognition. My extrinsic reward comes from being able to sit down and play anything with anybody. Letting go of what you think about my journey up until now freed me to focus on *right now do we like the sound we make when we play together*. The sound I make is the story of my journey. My sound is my badge. My sound is my extrinsic reward. When I can make that sound with another musician harmoniously and in time, I am intrinsically satisfied. The only way that happens is by finding the joy in the effort, that is the “fun in learning” part.

    BTW, Love these conversations!!!