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  • Alfred

    August 28, 2021 at 5:03 pm

    I would take this as you are still a developing guitarist (aren’t we all)

    I think what may be going on is gorilla grip causing you to bend strings out of tune. This is a thing I think most guitarists struggle with now and again.

    If this is what is going on, in my less than professional opinion, I suggest lightening up and dealing with the string thuds while your fretting hand learns it’s craft. It takes time and it is never perfect out of the gate.

    Myself, I am dealing with a similar issue while trying to play a Cm6 at the moment. I either thud it, or bend it… If I smash the strings it is out of tune, but a thud is just percussive embellishment while my left hand is learning what to do. So you aren’t the worst guitarist in history, like I said, just developing.