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  • Marquita

    August 31, 2021 at 8:24 am

    I had an arthritic flare-up in the joints of both my arms and was worried that I would lose ground. What I found was I could put my guitar on just fine, but couldn’t fret with ANY force to make a clear note. In order to not lose ground, I practiced the placement of my fretting fingers and the picking pattern without actually picking the string. Strumming was initially out of the question but after about 3 weeks things started “picking up” (sorry for the play on words 😂 ) There were days I couldn’t put the guitar on so I studied lessons/pieces I was learning because being aware mentally of what I need to do is an important factor for me to be able to “pull off” (😂) physically. When I was able to put it together, it came a lot easier. The key is don’t give up… Even if it’s just signing in for the daily lesson by listening and repeating the “learn” video a couple of times then the “play” video (watching carefully what was being done). After I healed because I saved them all, I could go back to the lessons I marked as favorites and review “full on”. Hope that helped. Best of health! oh, and keep your humor!😉