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  • tailsawaggin

    September 4, 2021 at 7:03 pm

    I use one of these in the master bedroom — https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B092V1FN3Q — along with two larger ones in the main areas of the house. The larger ones are unfortunately not sold any longer, but the small one is great within its space limitation. Of the three, it also has the most accurate built-in hygrometer and is the most responsive when the humidity drops below target.

    My only two gripes about it are that one, it doesn’t remember its settings when it shuts off, which it will do automatically when it runs out of water, and two, the front panel lighting can’t be defeated, so like it or not, it’s on all the time.

    Otherwise, the only thing to be wary of is that, like any cool mist unit, it’s going to atomize any dissolved solids in the water, and they’ll rain down over the surrounding area. Some people buy distilled water to get around this, and I have a reverse osmosis unit in the house that I use to feed mine. After several months of RO water, there’s no detectable scale or other issues with it.

    It’s also probably worth getting a cheap digital hygrometer for the room and calibrating it with the damp table salt method. While my humidifier’s built in sensor is good, it’s the only good built in sensor I’ve ever encountered, so I wouldn’t trust it without having something else on hand for sanity checks.

    Good luck in your search!