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  • jumpinjeff

    December 1, 2021 at 8:01 pm

    Hi @IMPBW , I was touched and saddened by your story. My sincere condolences. You have raised several issues about your process of learning to play. You are not alone in your early experience, in fact much of my early journey was just as you describe. The most important is not to give up ever. EVER. No matter what. Let go of what you believe is your timeline. Time is not as important as effort. When you find the joy in the effort, time disappears. Punder nailed it talking about “Don’t think” just do. Spend the time, enjoy the time spent and try (and it is try) to let go of outcomes for now. You will be able to play that song Jealous Of The Angels but you may not be physically or mentally ready to do it yet. The big word is YET. If you are picking up guitar for the first time you have some prep to attend to. When I began, my expectations exceeded my ability and caused me many months of sucky days. I discounted the time and effort of the people who had spent years learning how to play (Tony P. is one of those people) thinking I could get it just because I thought I could. In the process I learned I was only gifted with slightly below average musical abilities. Fortunately I was at the front of the line when they were handing out determination. It was my gift and without it I would have stopped long ago. Carol Stillhand also nailed it when she said “Try not to be so hard on yourself and/or rush the process… It’s a journey and sometimes we don’t notice the progress we are making until we look back and see how far we’ve come”. Every bit my experience and she taught me much here. This is long, may have been better in conversation but here we are. I wish you peace and close contact with the things that motivate you and connect you to your inner determination. Play for joy, find the joy in play.