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    December 2, 2021 at 9:24 am

    Thank you, everyone, I honestly appreciate everything that was shared. Thank you for sharing your understanding and relating to my guitar journey. I was wondering if it was this normal to go so slow. I also have the gift of determination, that is why I am back at it! (I feel normal again. 🙂 ) Just so many losses going on and most are overwhelmed with COVID. I am sure this has a lot to do with how I am feeling these days. I want playing the guitar to be a positive in my life and I need that right now.

    I am on day “2” of my comeback and stopped once my fingers got sore which was about 15 min. It was fun again (even with sore fingers.) I have taken the pressure off myself with TAC. Only going to go until I get stuck or sore for now, every day. 👍 I want my guitar time to be a “me time” to destress and let my creative side shine. Great, great advice!! I am working on Flatpicking right now. I am ssssoooo slow-playing the G major and C scale exercises. (I have to look at each string pick.) I am slowly learning the mixed note values, and again I am always having to look down at each flat pick, and my G chord sounds good until I have to fingerpick each string because it shows I am not able to hold the chord in tune! LOL…

    Loraine you mentioned, “tablature for the song”, what is that, and where can I find and learn about that?

    Carol, you mentioned, “learn the chords in the song and maybe do a simple down strum on the first beat of each measure,”. I did find a couple of versions on youtube and downloaded a music sheet I found online as well with guitar chords. I change my chord position when & where it shows on the sheet and strum at the same time. (It sounds pretty good.) Is that what you mean. I don’t know if it is the first beat of the measure, to be honest. I do understand, 3, 4 time, 1/4 note, 1/8th note, etc, but not sure what the song has. I’m just doing it along with the youtube version I like.

    Again super grateful to all. Any advice to smooth out the journey is much appreciated.