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  • tailsawaggin

    December 2, 2021 at 6:25 pm

    Welcome! No, it’s not you. Start by hitting the little three line menu opener upper at upper left, and go to Skill Courses. That will take you here — https://tonypolecastro.com/courses/ — and from there, there are two great places to start. First is 30 Days to Play, which can take a lot longer than 30 days (it took me about 75 days), so stay positive and focus on your wins. That one is here — https://tonypolecastro.com/courses/30-days-to-play/.

    The other one has to do with stretching and keeping your body in good form. A lot of people think they’re going to pick up the guitar and start playing songs right away (looks at self) but the fact is you’re going to use a lot of muscles and joints in ways they’ve never been used before. It’s kind of like going to the bike shop and getting a sweet new mountain bike, then expecting to go on a 12 mile cruise along the fire roads. A person has to build up to that kind of thing, so start with this daily stretching routine to help yourself get warm and limber — https://tonypolecastro.com/courses/guitar-players-daily-stretch-guide/.

    Most of all, enjoy the journey!

    30 Days To Play