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  • the-old-coach

    December 14, 2021 at 10:10 am

    Wow– Thank you all for those great responses!

    So I re-read my original post, and I’m sorry if it sounded kind-of “all-over-the-place”, without a defined, clear, purpose– just sort-of whining. That’s about 180 from what I intended in my head.

    I’ll try to go thru each reply and cherry-pick– and respond to– your phrases (they are great, by the way!)- and ideas, as I think them thru- and as time allows.

    I’d love to be able to re-write my original post- clarifying things better.

    I’m sort-of a “mechanical” player. I get thru 98% of the Dailies without too much problem overall- some do take a couple more, 10 minute sessions though.

    I’m sorry if it sounded otherwise, but I really like Barre chords- they are cool and versatile- and I find them relatively easy!

    I realize “ya don’t know what ya don’t know”, and one thing I DON’T know is why I need to learn those chords— or find these notes—- 5-7-9-12 frets up the neck. (Another- sort of similar example- the “Fundamentals of Fretboard Navigation” course in the Skills Courses. I’ve completed it just fine and found it interesting for sure. But the question to me is– WHY do I need to find that C note at 8 or 10 different spots up the fretboard. Again- it wasn’t a matter of DOING it- (it’s cool stuff!- and I was pretty good at finding those notes easily using the patterns)- but more so, it’s a matter of “why”?

    I’m not generally a “take the easy way out” person- more like the opposite of that. But I feel like I’m collecting a huge toolbox full of tools- quite a few of them I’ll never use- (I actually have that).

    Is it better to have a few less tools– but know how to use the ones I do have- extremely well?

    I’m not really interested in comparing myself to any other players- (but I do LOVE—- really love—- to read their perspectives of “all-things-guitar”).

    Boiling it all down– I think that all I really want to end up with is the ability to be able to pick up a guitar and be able to competently “play along” quickly and easily, by ear. Maybe be able to transfer the music I hear in my head instantly to my guitar- that’d be a cool skill too. Maybe dabble in writing my own songs?