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  • the-old-coach

    December 27, 2021 at 5:25 pm


    An update- (if anyone cares….🙃)

    I- (with my wife there)- stopped-in and talked with the gentleman who owned it a few days after my second post, over a cold beer. He said he had in fact changed his mind about selling it after all. He had whittled his collection over the years “down to like 13 guitars already” and liked this one, and wanted to keep it after all.

    I don’t really know if I was more disappointed— or relieved!

    Anyway, a couple of weeks went by, and I had just kind-of forgotten about it.

    And just when I thought the whole 12-string experiment was going to fade away- on Christmas morning, my wife brought out Dave’s 12 string and said “Merry Christmas”.

    I couldn’t believe it.

    So, I have since been cleaning, wiping, inspecting, re-tuning it “down” a whole step, and I took out the clip-in Lawrence soundhole pickup and sound-cord jack where the strap button was.

    It’s kind-of been- (a mix of)- admiring it and being scared of it– working on simple, clear, notes and chords. Plenty for now. Its sound is full, bright, and clear. Reminds me of being “harpsicordy”(?).

    So, is there any easy advice here in the first stages of learning his beauty. My plan is to start s-l-o-w, continue with easy exercises and chords, and get it right, right off the bat. Any extra advice, tips, and hints are greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for reading my seemingly endless babble……😉.

    Mark J