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  • mkelley71

    December 31, 2021 at 9:56 am

    If you can up your budget slightly, I picked up an Eastman E10-OMSB that rivals any Martin 000-18 GE for 750.00. I have Martin, Gibsons, Recording Kings, which BTW the RD 327 is a great guitar, my brother bought one, my Eastman E10-OM gets more playing time. The 12 inch radius fretboard adds a little more curvature for ease of fretting, the shorter scale length is easier to play, I play this guitar for most of my Tac lessons. Eastman is not your typical factory, it is a shop of Chinese luthiers who really take pride. I am a made in the USA guy when possible, but good quality is good quality. Check out the E1OM. I am sure street price is around your budget.