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  • Cadgirl

    January 1, 2022 at 3:06 pm

    I pulled out my Martin D28. I figured it’s a big guitar and about the size the 12s come in. It’s a beast, I forgot how it was to play. Sounds great, but really tough on the fingers. Then I started thinking about …. What if there were 12 strings on this beast, EGAD!! So I am going to be shopping at some stores that carry 12s. Thanks Carol-3M-Stillhand, I have been watching a lot of videos on the Taylor 562 which is a Grand Concert size, but can’t find one to actually try out. I’m a finger-picker and that concerns me a little with buying a 12. Just happens a store about an hour from me has 8 in stock, some new, some used, some big, some small (well, smaller). So that will give me an idea if I should take the plunge or not. @Mark, I’m still laughing at your 12-string update. Thanks everyone for all the posts.