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  • GerryB56

    January 23, 2023 at 8:52 am

    I understand completely what you say about Tony’s approach – he really does have a knack for making you believe you can do this! And you’ll find the TAC community to be very helpful and supportive.

    As for the 2 string dilemma, I assume you’re referring to those power chord exercises? I have struggled with those, too, not only hitting the right strings but I haven’t fully managed to get my palm muting technique down pat. But there are many excellent videos on YouTube showing how to mute adjacent strings with your other fingers so they don’t ring out even if you stray onto them with your strum. This seems to be a critical skill for blues guitar players, as well as for slide guitar.

    Keep on enjoying those daily sessions! That’s easily the biggest win I’ve gained from TAC – the urge to pick up my guitar every day and work on something I want to learn.