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  • DiscostewLA

    January 31, 2023 at 5:21 pm

    Hi Steve – welcome to the TAC Family! I started with the 30 days to play and then just jumped into the daily challenge. Some of them can be quite challenging and some of them I can catch on to pretty quickly. I try to spend at least 10 minutes doing the lesson, even if it’s easy I’ll still work on it or try to add to it somehow. Then if I have time (most days I try to carve out at least 30m for my routing) I’ll switch to working on scales or memorizing the fretboard for 10m, and then I’ll spend 10m working on songs. Somedays I just go from Tony’s lesson to playing songs and somedays I spend 20m noodling on a scale to a backing track. But I go in with a plan and most days stick to it. I also paid for the Fretboard Wizard but I haven’t gone through it. I did the first couple of lessons, but I’m stalled out for a while I try to memorize the fretboard and a few scales.

    I’ve also found the TAC community to be a big part of why I keep coming back – I continue to find lots of positive reinforcement, encouragement and positivity from Tony and the TAC family, which inspires me to pick up my guitar and play even more.

    As Tony and others here will repeat, playing for at least 10m a day as many days as you can is at the core. There’s also the Guitar Journal which I suggest you download and read through. I find that it’s really helpful to use the self assessment diagram to help me identify places where I need to grow (like all of them) and to help set some short term goals in the 90-day goals areas. Probably it would be even better to set monthly goals but three months give a good amount of time to make progress that you can see which is nice.

    I also really love Tony’s message and demeanor in the way he teachers and the approach to teaching and to playing guitar that he resonates/amplifies (trying to think of a cool guitar word there). Some days practice sessions are going to be awesome and you’ll feel like a guitar god, some days are going to suck and you’ll feel like you’ll never be any good. Tony does a great job at helping keep me focused on the big picture and the ‘why’ which helps me get through the stretches where I don’t feel like I’m progressing or struggling to learn a new thing.