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  • the-old-coach

    February 2, 2023 at 3:04 pm

    It was all started & stopped with his foot. Each layer. Start/stop……. on/off.

    It was cool watching him. He’s start out with just a simple chord progression. Then add a layer of percussion- (hitting his guitar with his hand or thumb, tamborine, maraca, whatever), then play a bassline, then some short solo-sections scattered thru, then “back-up singing” in short sections where needed.

    After EACH layer/addition, the recording would then have ALL the layers in there. He’d just listen to each layer he had just added for a few seconds, and see if it sounded OK. Then when all that sounded good— he’d take off actually performing the song.

    When he actually was playing/performing the song, I think basically he was really just playing more chords and really cool solos– ALONG WITH a backing track– one that he had just created!

    It didn’t hurt that he was an excellent guitar all by itself– but adding in the depth of other sounds really changed things.

    Some songs took only a few “layers”- (2-3, maybe 30 seconds)- some “bigger” songs too a little longer. It was really fun to watch.

    I think it would a great TOOL to work on your own music.

    I really wanna find out more.


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