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  • the-old-coach

    February 3, 2023 at 11:24 am

    Gerry and others-

    Thanks for the reply(s)! And sorry about THIS long-winded thing…….

    So, the Looper—- One part of me- (that’s just the way I am- always wanting to be “real”)- thinks that it’s somehow “cheating” to use a pre-recorded soundtrack to play music; that it somehow makes it less authentic- (even though **I** had just made the mini-recordings myself, right then and there).

    Like you (maybe?), I would use it only as a TOOL.

    1. A tool to improve my timing consistency as far as BPM goes- (never realized that FOOT-TAPPING is soooooo important!). I admit I have been waaaaay too lazy using a metronome.

    2. A tool to learn and realize how recorded music is REALLY made these days- and help me when I do get around to building my own “home studio”. I’ll have SOME knowledge…..

    3. A tool to separately identify all the “layers” within a song I hear- (you CAN hear them if you really listen for them!).

    4. A tool for BRINGING ACTUAL SOUND TO SOME OF MY OWN TUNES- (this is the coolest part for me– the number 1 reason– it would bring my own songs to LIFE!!!!!).

    5. A tool to improve my “ear” and my timing– within a song as it’s playing– with regards to improvising little licks, riffs, and solos. I think it would unlock a whole new level of creativity! It would “fit” PERFECTLY with the entire last section of Fretboard Wizard 2!!!!!

    and 6. A tool to help me learn to add VOCALS to my own songs- (I can sing along with MY OWN music!—- (now, if I could just sing…… yeah, there is that…..)).

    In another thread I mentioned seeing Vince Gill at the Grand Ol’ Opry recently- (fairly close-up)- and I was quite focused on just WATCHING him play guitar. With an unbelievable amount of creativity and expertise I might add)- he mainly just played little licks, riffs, and solos within a song that was mostly being carried by the Grand Ol’ Opry Band. It was AMAZING how small little chunks thrown on top of a song already being played by others can add sounds soooooo full and rich! And he was havin’ a blast– he wasn’t workin’— he was PLAYIN’!!!!

    So—– that’s what has got me all jacked-up on this “Looper” thing.

    While I don’t necessarily think it would make me a better PLAYER by itself, I think it WOULD
    “open-up” my mind and my music world to new levels of knowledge and creativity.

    Thanks, discostew, for the VIDEOS!!!!! They are spot-on!!!!

    Back home- along the Washington Coast- and lovin it!- (forecast for today—- high of 40, rain, windy, gusts to maybe ~55😀).