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  • the-old-coach

    February 7, 2023 at 10:35 am


    Welcome! This is a great group here. First off- you made a GREAT choice to “come on in” to the Forum! Poke around in here a bit and you’ll see that there are LOTS of caring, encouraging, and helpful folks in here, that’s for sure. NO question is too big, small, or strange. (the only bad question is the one that doesn’t get asked)….. Be a “regular” in here– you’ll see it’s VERY beneficial in your guitar journey— over & above the TAC course itself.

    My two cents- For sure, do the “30-day Challenge”. From there you have different options as to which ORDER you want do them. There’s LOTS of suggestions in here. Only you know “where you are” in your guitar journey– and “where you want to go”….

    If you didn’t already— go back and GET the Fretboard Wizard Course!!!!!!!!!!

    So jump in and remember a few old proverbs that came from others in here– “Always remember to have FUN”, “Give yourself credit for your small wins”, “Love the sound you make”, and (my fave)- “Expectation is where fun goes to die”.