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  • jumpinjeff

    February 11, 2023 at 7:27 pm

    Wa’sUp @chuckson : Yes the hand cramp thing is a bummer. Here is the quick and dirty. When it starts to hurt, stop playing. When it stops hurting, play more. Over the course of time and time on the fretboard, you will learn how to precisely place your fingers, you will develop rock hard calluses (this is important to understand…the harder your calluses are the less pressure it takes to make a clean note) and you will develop an intuitive understanding of how little you actually need to press in order to obtain the sound you want. In the mean time play the daily challenges. They are a fantastic way to get your fingers in shape. We are not born with our fingers in guitar shape enough to play guitar. Be patient. Focus on your effort. Leave your outcomes/assessments for later evaluation. If you are having trouble with a chord play the chord in time and release in time. On and off. Then when you have a feel play on for two beats and rest two beats, then four beats on and four beats off and so on. This technique of on and off will also start honing your senses so that you learn what the least amount of effort it takes to make the chord sound you want. Most of all find a way to have fun while you are getting your fingers in shape. Of everything I said, this last thing is the most important of all.