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  • GerryB56

    February 19, 2023 at 12:04 pm

    Glad you are enjoying the TAC program, I have found it has been a tremendous help to me in establishing a regular guitar playing habit. My finger dexterity has improved dramatically and my musical knowledge has expanded greatly in the 9 months since I joined.

    I struggled alot early on with strumming patterns, but it’s like learning the chord shapes, just takes repetition and patience. Others have offered good advice, I would add this suggestion: when you are ready to learn strumming, there is one particular pattern that is very common and is useful for many songs (and also sounds more musical than DUDU etc):

    D DU UDU


    Learning to play songs made my journey much more enjoyable than just doing finger exercises and scales, riffs, etc. You’ll find plenty of good instructional videos on YouTube for this and other strumming patterns. Tony also has a Stumming Jumpstart course in the Skills Courses area, though I was surprised that he didn’t include the above pattern as I’ve seen it used so often.

    You made a great move in coming to the Forums, there are always members eager to offer advice and encouragement. Enjoy your journey!