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  • the-old-coach

    February 20, 2023 at 6:43 pm

    During my practice session today, I went over into YouTube videos, looking for some actual examples of the point I was trying to explain in the original post in this thread.

    Wow…. there are SOOOOO many “How-to-play this song” videos in there!!!- thousands. I couldn’t even begin to pick one out!

    It’s amazing to me that even though the videos for any given song can all be different- (and they all sound great)——- It’s the same song! It might be in a different key– (and/or maybe MANY things changed that I mentioned above).

    So, I use that to remember that even though I might play a song a bit differently than someone else…… that’s OK. Maybe I like “my version” of it better! And if I change my mind and change it her & there– (experimenting/noodling)…… that’s OK too!………

    There isn’t a “you have to play it ONLY this way” requirement🤔.

    This is one of the GREAT things about the TAC method. Here- we’re NOT learning how to play one song…. (even though the TAC-way may take longer and is harder)….. we’re learning more broad-based, to be able to play ANY song.

    Any way we want to play it……… simply…….. because we KNOW how that song’s music-structure WORKS- (vs just “memorizing” it).

    Any thoughts?

    Sorry yet again about being so long-winded- (and I promised myself I’d work on that😕).