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  • jumpinjeff

    February 24, 2023 at 7:20 pm

    Glad you are better enough to cruise the forum. The trick is to avoid long term joint/tendon inflammation by readying your hands and fingers for what you are and will demand of them. Good “doc” talk. As humorous as it is there is truth enough to take notice. I tended to discount the amount of prep it would take for me to be able to play the things that I wanted to play. Too many repetitive stress injuries and the stories of them has made me extra prudent when it comes to overdo but hey, then again, I am an itinerant overdoer. When you get that stabbing pain in the meat between your index and thumb stop shake it out, stretch it out and when the cramp subsides get right back at it. I am convinced that part of the learning process is figuring out what pain signals are irritants easily remedied by managing tension, position vs. the pain signals to really take head and remedy with rest and non- invasive remedies.