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  • Kitman

    February 26, 2023 at 8:23 am

    Great advice in the above posts. It is important to do a few things in this part of your journey:

    1. Define tangibly what relaxed means to you (eg, a smile on your face, not tension in the shoulders, picking and fretting hand are applying “least effort” to still play good solid tone, your posture is promoting a good guitar playing position)

    2. Without picking up the guitar close your eyes and breath and visualize yourself doing this things while holding and playing a guitar

    3. As you are playing @check in with your body and see how you are doing as per the items you outlined above. I put a post it not in a prominent place to see it. If you fell you have tension somewhere, close your eyes and visualize this area in a relaxed mode.

    Rinse and repeat! 😎