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  • Carol-3M-Stillhand

    February 27, 2023 at 5:54 pm

    @DHeaton I understand your question perfectly. Our first position standard cowboy open chords can be played all over the fretboard using different shapes. (Take your familiar C-Shaped C chord) if you move that C-shape up 2 frets (you can’t move the nut up 2 frets so that’s why you need to make your 1st finger the “new nut” aka barre chord with the barre on fret 2). Now you have a C-shaped D chord. It looks like a C but it sounds like a D. Knowing that a D is 2 frets higher than a C, you just move the shape up 2 frets. E is 2 frets higher than D, so move that same C-shaped Barre chord another 2 frets and now you have a C-shaped E chord. F is only one fret higher than E, so the C-shaped F chord is only 1 fret higher than the C-shaped E chord.

    You can do that same thing with C, A, G, E and D chord shapes. (CAGED)

    Tony P explains it beautifully in his Fretboard Wizard course…


    Fretboard Wizard