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  • Kitman

    March 5, 2023 at 8:19 pm

    Hi@ @PineTreePicker , your question is a good one and one would think Apple would have thought of including an option in the VoiceMemo share button to export as a WAV or MP3.

    I did find a way to convert it to a WAV file. First you need to down load the app “AudioShare”. This is a free Apple App designed to share audio files across other apps.

    From your VoiceMemo App tap the share icon and select “Save to Files” and then save the voice memo to a location you can remember and access.

    Now open the AudioShare app click the icon in the bottom left that is good in color with a square and a down pointing arrow – then select ” pick files”. Navigate to the police you saved the file and select it. It will be loaded into AudioShare. Now select the ” tools” icon in the far top right of your screen. Select convert. All of the settings should be set to save a WAV file. Click save. You will see the WAV file in your list of files in audio copy. Select this file and then in the lower right click the button that looks like the share symbol (box with arrow pointed up). Again select “Save to Files” and select a location that is accessible to you and that you will remember. If you navigate to that file area you selected you should see your WAV file.

    I did the above and was able to pull the file into GarageBand.

    I know the above seems like a lot… there may be something easier. Good luck!