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Anthony Terzaghi

Why I'm Here

I am a longtime  acoustic guitar player on a sporadic basis. Usually when I see someone whose music I like- Dion,Tom Rush,Jackson Browne,Tom Paxton, Liam Clancy- I am inspired to play again;however,when I encounter the inevitable problem ,I replace the guitar in the case in frustration.. I can do some more difficult things-hammer-on,pull off,but there are “simple” things that I’ve never mastered: barre chords,up-and-down-picking on the bass despite consistent practice.


Like everyone else, I enjoy making progress in all fields endeavor. I am frustrated by obstacles in my guitar playing that I am able to overcome in my other life.  I want to be able to become competent in playing this instrument because it is something that I enjoy when playing correctly. I  strive to achieve goals that I set for myself.