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I tried playing guitar more than a few times when I was younger and actually took lessons in my late twenties for a bit which helped, but at the end of the day I wasn’t very good. Work got really busy and so did life and the guitar fell to the wayside.  Scroll ahead to now – I am now semi-retired and actually have some time available.  I contemplated trying it again for a while, but figured why bother, as I knew I would never really be good.  Got past that thought and finally got around to giving it a shot in late 2019.  My old Guild G37-SB had been sitting in the basement for 30 plus years.  Getting started was really rough, especially in the beginning.  I finally developed my own daily practice list and check off sheet over the last few months so I could focus vice circling all over the place.

Sniffing around on YouTube there are all kinds of guitar experts showing how to play songs, tips and tricks etc., but at the end of the day only a couple bubble to the top and are really good at demonstrating and explaining things in understandable terms.  Tony and his TAC serial method seemed like the best fit for me.   It also seemed like a lot of his TAC community members look like me – gray beards, disappearing hair, etc. (: and sounded like me – returning to guitar after a long, long Winter’s nap, so it looked like I might fit in with this crowd.  Tony is also very knowledgeable, articulate and Passionate!  TAC has inspired me to go for it despite my age, short fingers and lack of talent.


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