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Hi I’m a 69 year old man who has been playing since my 50th birthday. Quick math….19 years. We live in Florida and do plan to retire, someday, knock on wood! I have a Yamaha FG-412L. Yup I’m left handed. This was my first guitar and I play it regularly but not too regularly mind you. My work has, in the past, kept me traveling all over hells 1/2 acre. Schlepping the Yamaha around became a chore. One Christmas long ago I was gifted a little Martin. Ho, ho, ho! Travelling became a bit easier but the P word kept evading me. Try as I may. I did take lessons for a bit and friends said¬† “the best way to learn is just play!” so that’s what I’ve been doing for the best part of these 19 years. I have a notebook with a hundred or more songs I know and love and that’s what I play.


To help me find my way out of this rut or better yet, this lack of knowledge. It stymies and cramps creativity. Cowboy chords can take you places but after a while you need something more. I'm hoping this course will open that door up to my life.