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Why I'm Here

I’ve been trying to play the guitar for years. I started with a nylon string guitar, which I owned for 30 years until it fell apart. Early on back in my teens, I played mostly three chord blues and rock and roll on a cheap Norma electric guitar.  Never really advanced, then in 1979 I took jazz lessons from a friend I went to H.S. with who was exceptionally good. I did that for while and did well, but then never really advanced.  Since then it’s been on again off again for decades until now.  My friend from ’79 also worked in a musical instrument shop back then. He had ordered a new Lo Prinzi LR-25 for a client who backed out of the deal and sold it to me at cost. It’s a great guitar, very rich sound.  I also have two electric guitars, a G&L Asat and a Gibson ES339.  I’ve had other electric guitars over the years, Les Paul, Melody Maker and a few others. Once I move further on my practice, I’d like to buy an acoustic-electric.

Update, I bought a Taylor 324CE last year.

I realize that I did not succeed in my original attempt to learn to play guitar as I did not have the intention. I did not commit the time and effort. Now many years later I am focused.

I have friends who are gifted, natural musicians. I may not be gifted, but I plan to work hard, and ultimately satisfy myself and join them in playing, that’s my goal.






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My Guitar Goal

What I'm Focused On Now

1. Learn to fingerpick. I’ve taken the Fingerpick Jumpstart course, now it’s on to Fingerpick Bootcamp. I am practicing Fingerpicking, building up the brain to hand coordination before Bootcamp to ensure I can maximize what I learn.

2. Learn a minimum of two songs; I’ve selected Norwegian Wood and Take Me to the Country (Jontavious Wills). Additionally I need to revisit the following lessons to learn and play at tempo and accurately: Pat Sajak, Drive the Spike, Wet Willy, and Boogie Barn. (these are holdovers from the last QTR)

3. My ultimate goal (outside my next 90 day goal) and why I joined TAC is to learn to play Country Blues and songs in that vein. This would include Winnin’ Boy Blues, Stack O’ Lee, Diddie Wa Diddie, etc.

My Guitar Routine

This is How I TAC

1. Typically I play 5 days per week, 30-45 minutes per session.

In each session I include: A) Warm Up, which consists of either a Monday lesson WU, or learning a scale – typically 10 minutes. B) The Daily Challenge lesson – 10-15 minutes. C) A Skills lesson (currently working on Flatpick Jumpstart) – 10 minutes. If I still have time I’ll end with Blues improve.

2. Typically I play after work, between 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm.

3. I play in my home office.