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Why I'm Here

Been playing guitar since I as a kid…took lessons until I was in 7th grade I think.  Have picked it up now and then and even met my best friend from the Army because of our mutual ability to play a few chords.  Anyway…never really played very much until I deployed the first time and ordered a cheap guitar to play while in the desert that I wouldn’t worry about getting messed up.  Even then, I only played when deployed a couple more times (three deployments).  I kept telling myself I would play more when I had time, even bought some better quality guitars to motivate me…like you guessed, more expensive doesn’t mean you’ll play more.  When the Corona virus hit I did a lot of working from home and during a break I decided to look at YouTube videos to learn how to play a John Mayer song (Why Georgia)…the next video that auto played on my computer was an ad for TAC…I was mesmerized and clicked on the link for the program.  Decided to try this out.  Looking forward to seeing how this journey goes.






United States

My Guitar Goal

What I'm Focused On Now

Dabble back into the Fretboard Wizard to refresh my memory…and learn one James Taylor and one John Mayer song

My Guitar Routine

This is How I TAC

I like to get at least five sessions of TAC in weekly and one more just goofing off on the weekends.  I work from home, so during the week I try to pick up the guitar at the end of my workday to decompress and leave the home office without work on my mind.  On one of the weekend days, I goof off with the guitar while songs are playing off my phone in the kitchen…while my wife or kids make a meal…by the time the cooking is done, they’re done with my messing with the songs 😉