About Me

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Why I'm Here

I got my Ibanez Guitar back around 1982?  I messed around a little and then life got in the way. The pour thing sat in the corner of  my rooms, 2 houses 2 kids and many years later. December of 2019. I made a resolution for 2020 I would learn to play that guitar. I went to a music store and purchased new strings and a book and some other stuff. Well I didn’t have a clue how to change the strings. Did a search and came across  Tony. He looked well like Dead Head to be totally honest. I watched and found him very easy to listen to and REAL! learned how to change the strings. Every time I did a search I came across Acoustic Tuesday. Then the invitation to join TAC. I put it off for a few months. April 16th 2020 I joined and to my surprise I was addicted to the Acoustic Challenge. I slipped on a pick and down the rabbit hole I went. What a wonderful place I have found. I have learned so much in a year. I can say now I can play the Guitar and look forward to my time each night, 10 minutes turns into 2+ hours. ( keeps me away from the kitchen lost 40lbs Thanks Tony and team) So Why am I hear? Well to be honest its FUN and I learn something new each day I pick up the Guitar and my skills have increased.  Tony Your the Best my friend!







My Guitar Goal

What I'm Focused On Now

My next 90 day goal is to nail down the metronome. I play too hard and seem to rush through with out accuracy making what I’m working on sound like an original not a cover…….

My Guitar Routine

This is How I TAC

In a perfect week I play 7 days a week. normally I go to my office/ guitar room fire up that days challenge. Put in 10 to 60 minutes on the challenge, I have a few songs I’m trying to learn, Or I just play what I feel at that time.