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Why I'm Here

I have been playing for over 50 years. But I plateaued early on and never made a lot of progress after that. As the years went by, guitar came and went in my life – never completely disappearing, but taking a lesser role as time went by. Then a few years ago I started getting active again and began to play more and more but with only what I considered mediocre success.

Then I found TAC! It’s been a marvelous ride for the last few years and I’m having fun and thoroughly enjoying music again!

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your viewpoint) I have developed a severe case of G.A.S. – Guitar Acquisition Syndrome. No longer content with the few I owned when I started TAC, I’ve added a couple of Martins, a couple of Godins, and more amplifiers than I could ever imagine owning! But it DOES make me happy and I look at it as setting myself up for a wonderful retirement soon! (Then I can go to more TAC events!) Win, Win!






United States

My Guitar Goal

What I'm Focused On Now

During the next three months I will Complete Fretboard Wizard.

During the next 3 months I will DO the daily exercises every day and spend at least 10 minutes on them.

During the next three months I will go to at least 1 VOM every week and play something.

My Guitar Routine

This is How I TAC

In a perfect week I will:

Practise a minimum of 10 minutes every day.

Play additional material and songs for 30 more minutes minimum.

I will play in the evening every day and other times during the day as mood and opportunity allow.

I will play in my living room when at home, and not turn down chances to play at other places when I can.