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My Guitar Goal

What I'm Focused On Now

3 goals from the April ’21 Guitar Progress workshop

Learn 3 new songs:  John Denver – Wild Montana Skies;  Dave Alvin – King of California, TBD (maybe Townes Van Zandt – If I Needed You)

Post to TAC forum at least once a week

Get microphone and AI plus related equipment so I can make better recordings of myself than my iPhone and iPad

My Guitar Routine

This is How I TAC

1. In my perfect guitar week I practice, play and sing music every day.  Typically, I play once each day, a total of 7 times each week.  Once in a while I can sneak in another playing session but that is rare.

2. I like to play in the evenings after we have cleaned up from dinner.  I typically start around 8pm during the week.  On the weekends my start times vary a bit and sometimes I play earlier in the day.

3. I play in our basement family room that I have converted to my music den with all my instruments, audio system, music and equipment.  It is a great place to play.  My home office is right off this music den and I can see all my guitars from my desk when I am working.  This helps keep me motivated!

In a typical weekday session I will start with some warmups – often the Warm Up exercise from that week or another that I like.  But sometimes I just play a couple of songs to loosen up.  I then work on the Daily Challenge.  Most of the time I invest 30-45 minutes into the daily lesson and I have started keeping notes on what I do well, what needs improvement and how fast I can play the lesson clean, clear and without mistakes.  But some days I am tired or the lesson just isn’t clicking with me and I only get in 10 minutes.  I still count that as a successful practice.  I love this aspect of the TAC system.  It has been fundamental in helping me develop a strong daily playing habit.  After the Daily Challenge, I will work on songs I am trying to learn or develop guitar licks and embellishments to go with the rhythm.  Afterwards, I just play and sing songs for fun.  Many days I have to make myself quit around 10pm in order to get to bed at a reasonable hour.  My weekend sessions are more free form.  If I want to go over some of the lessons from the previous week I do.  If I want to work on specific songs and guitar parts I do.  But if I just want to play, sing and have fun I do that too.  On the weekends, it its all good as long as I am playing guitar and immersed in music for a while.  I am hoping that with covid restrictions lifting I will have weekend jams with friends and fellow TAC members soon.