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Why I'm Here

I can read music a little.  Played a 12 string Ovation in church for a few years.  Put it down for over 20 year… music died…  got it back a few years ago after I retired and want to take it to the next level.  I like Tony’s method.   I pick my guitars by the sound of the instrument, not the brand name.

It is how I relax and get away from the world.  It allows me to create music as I go.




North Carolina


United States

My Guitar Goal

What I'm Focused On Now

To continue to learn to move up and down the fret board and play more Bar Chords.

My Guitar Routine

This is How I TAC

I try to play both morning and evening in a day.  I do the daily lesson and work on some songs or riffs.  I do this 7 day per week when possible.  I try and put in at least 10 min. per day but it always goes longer. 🙂