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Why I'm Here

Learning and progressing on guitar is my continual quest. I strive to achieve progress daily and do so by committing to a consistent guitar routine.

Ironically, in the past consistency has always been a struggle for me. Back when I started playing guitar I simply dabbled and never felt like I gained any real ground or experienced any progress. Each time I sat down with the guitar it was as if I was starting over…

Fast forward some years, I realized that consistency was the necessary ingredient that I needed to make sure I was progressing each and every day. Now, I am happy to say that my consistent guitar routine has led to a solid track record of progress and it continues to do so.

I’m having more fun and bringing more focus to my daily playing sessions and that is exactly why I’m here. TAC has helped me maintain consistency and keeps me accountable. Logging in and seeing my consistent track record of playing sessions leads to a feeling of accomplishment and confidence that I am indeed getting better at the instrument that I love.

This is such a blast to write because I am using this right along side every member of the TAC family and it still benefits me to this very day.

As to why I am learning and playing guitar, I’m enamored with how the guitar has facilitated relationships and connections with my friends and family. As my family and friendship circles grow it is evident that music and guitar have played (and continue to play) a huge role and that is something I always want to acknowledge, embrace, and express gratitude for.






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My Guitar Goal

What I'm Focused On Now

Over the next three months I will be working towards booking and playing a solo show in Bozeman.

This will be my first solo show in quite sometime. This goal is a great one for me at this time because it is most certainly pushing me outside my comfort zone.

I usually accompany musicians and maintain a pretty busy schedule doing that, but to play a full solo show is something I haven’t done in a long time so I figured it would be a great goal to work towards this quarter.

Last quarter I accomplished my goal of writing 4 new original tunes so this seems like a great next step… get those songs out there, under my fingers and in the ears of listeners.

My Guitar Routine

This is How I TAC

How many times will I play per week?

5 days (Monday through Friday)

When will I sit down to play guitar?

6/6:30 a.m.

Where will I be playing guitar?

Since my guitar den is currently undergoing some ceiling repairs I’ll be playing at the kitchen table.

*These answers are all based on me having a busy week, so I know that it’s doable even if my week is hectic. I’ll likely play a bit more, but this is my outline based on what’s realistic for me and how I can maintain consistency even in the face of life’s curveballs*