A Star-Studded Luthier Showcase • Acoustic Tuesday 046

Welcome to another thrilling episode of Acoustic Tuesday! Here’s what’s getting covered in this week’s video:

A Guitar Geek Aura

Having something that makes your guitar sound consistent in a variety of playing situations is hard… even more difficult to find is something that is easily tweak-able to dial in a tone you find pleasing. Well, guitar geek friends, I have found a magical DI box that comes close to that mouthwatering description…

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What’s On the Turntable This Week?

His playing is so supportive of the song; it’s never too much, it’s never not enough, it always seems just right for the musical situation. He plays fingerstyle guitar with a fluidity that sets a shining example, and his playing looks completely effortless…

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A Luthier that Takes the Cake

If creating an instrument that has balance, power, dynamic range, and an uncanny level of responsiveness is a contest, this luthier will no doubt take the prize and win by a very large margin…

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