Acoustic Guitar Geeks Unite · Acoustic Tuesday #001

Happy inaugural Acoustic Tuesday!!!

Acoustic Tuesday offers up a weekly dose of acoustic awesomeness to further solidify your status as a guitar geek.

This show will help you learn about new acoustic guitar gear, discover acoustic artists, and get inspired to live your best acoustic life.

Without further adieu, lets sprint towards guitar geekdom.

Here’s what you can expect in this video:

#5 The Delicate Art of Hammer-Ons

Hammer-ons can be a pain in the neck, but using these tips you will never have to worry about it again.

The most important thing is that when hammering on your first note make sure there are no other notes being played at this time or too close by so as not to create an unintentional sound from another string. Secondly, if the problem does occur try rolling up and down with your hand instead of pressing firmly for better tone quality

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#4 An Acoustic Guitar Tool Supplier You Need To Be Aware Of…

I don’t know which is my favorite part of the guitar: reading about it in a magazine, thinking about all the possibilities or playing on one.

Sometimes when I’m at home and can hear them from over there, I’ll just sit down for an hour with no intention other than to learn something new. One site that friend turned me onto was amazing because they have so many resources for learning and getting tips!

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#3 What’s On the Turntable This Week?

This week I am going back in time a bit and listening to an artist who has been playing with many different bands but never on his own, until now. His guitar skills are so good that they make the audience want to sing along while he plays mandolin – which also sounds amazing.

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#2 An iconic guitar and its story…

He’s a guitar player with an incredible story.

A crucial part of his sonic fingerprint is the guitar that has been featured in Fretboard Journal for its compelling story.

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#1 Ever Wonder What An Extremely Rare Vintage Guitar Sounds Like?

One of the most inspiring guitarists, Molly Tuttle is someone you should watch if you are not already. She recently took an extremely rare and expensive acoustic-guitar for a test drive in her latest video.

Molly always puts out quality videos to make sure she provides solid content with every upload; this time it was no different as he performed some impressive feats which were captured beautifully. You will see just how focused, talented, and dedicated she is when watching her performance from start to finish because there isn’t any wasted footage here – only pure talent (and joy!).

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