Are Your Guitar Heroes Leading You Astray? · Acoustic Tuesday #002

Guitar players, it’s time to admit that you might be making a mistake. You’re following your guitar heroes- the rock stars of blues and country- but they aren’t showing you the way to lead an authentic life. They are leading you astray from what really matters in music: your own voice.

The truth is, while these guitarists might inspire us with their virtuosity, we need our own unique sound as well as our own style if we want to have any chance at being successful musicians ourselves. Learn how to find your true voice through this video!

Here’s what else you can expect in this video:

What’s the Key to Powerful Pull-Offs?

You may not be able to do a pull-off on your acoustic guitar like you can with electric guitars, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In this lesson I’ll show you how!

There are many reasons why people decide they want to play an instrument and most of the time those instruments have strings in them.

It might sound strange when someone tells me their reason for wanting to learn was because they wanted something more challenging than another type of instrumentalist; however there is no denying one thing: learning stringed instruments takes patience and practice.

The hardest part about playing any kind of stringed instrument has got to be gettin’ enough volume from our hands without overdoing it – or worse yet hitting other strings while we’re try

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Guitar Heroes… Good, Bad, or Otherwise?

Every so often I find myself a little bummed out that I can’t play exactly like my guitar heroes. But then sometimes, when it feels as if one of them is playing through me and takes control for the duration of any given song in concert or practice session, everything seems to be alright again.

I say things like “amazing” when they take off on solos with such ease and grace — almost seeming effortless while making their guitars sing; every note ringing true without even breaking into a sweat!

It’s not about how flawlessly you execute your technique (although there are plenty who do this well), but also what kind of experience an artist provides throughout the performance by being able to connect emotionally with all those present.

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What’s On the Turntable This Week

Being completely in the moment is something I think any solo performer strives for, and this very artist excels in his “being in the momentness” (I know that is not a word, but I’d like to think we can make an exception in this case). Between beautifully played melodies, silky smooth vocals, and a musical knack for exploration…

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An Under Appreciated Guitar Accessory

Not sure if you would consider a guitar pick a gadget, but I get asked about my favorite pick all the time. So here it is in all its glory…

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Light Bulb Moments For the Taking

This book is chocked full of great information about how to look at chords in an analytical fashion to unlock…

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