What Do Cigars & Guitars Have in Common? · Acoustic Tuesday #004

Welcome to Acoustic Tuesday where you get a peek at some of my weekly guitar finds that have me excited, curious, and loving the #acousticlife. That being said, lets go ahead and throw some jet fuel on the #guitargeek fire this week, shall we?

Here’s what’s featured in this video:

Slip and Slide Across the Fretboard

Playing the acoustic guitar can sound like you are sliding between notes and it sounds really cool when done well. When it doesn’t go well, of course, then not so much!

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Humidifying Made Easy

Humidification is the necessary evil of the acoustic guitar world. It’s not necessarily the most exciting thing in an acoustic life but a necessary one for sure…

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What’s On the Turntable This Week?

This week an artist that just released a new album that is a joy to listen to front to back, top to bottom, and all of the other directions. His playing is as steady as a steam locomotive and his voice has a quality that fits blues perfectly… please don’t read that as “typical blues voice” because his voice is very very far from that…

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The Link To Loud

Plugging an acoustic guitar in can be a bit hairy… the tone might be weird, it might sound quacky, and it may not represent your guitar the way you want. I had the same experience until…

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Just About the Most Beautiful Guitars Ever…

Upon perusing this website I somehow stumbled upon a link to their custom shop. An hour or so later I came up for air and could not believe what I had just seen…

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