Guitars Made From Whisky Barrels, Harmonics, & Tony Furtado’s Cello Banjo • Acoustic Tuesday #005

Welcome to another round of guitar geek findings that have my wheels turning, my brain bending, and most of all my guitar geek radar lighting up the sky like the Fourth of July.

Here’s what’s featured in this video:

Harmonic Beauty

The sound of the guitar is so gorgeous and pleasant, but sometimes it’s difficult to get that great tone. As a guitarist you should know how harmonics work in order to have this beautiful bell-like effect on your instrument!

So what exactly are harmonics? Harmonics are created by lightly touching certain strings on the guitar while plucking other strings nearby — simply put they’re produced when two or more notes combine together which creates an enchanting ring with no volume at all from either note before being played alone.

The best part about these little musical gems is that they can be heard anywhere near any string because vibrating parts will create them effortlessly as long as their sounds already present within close proximity for harmonic energy.

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Music Theory and Fun?

Music theory can be difficult to understand and retain, but this book will help you brush up on your skills with a fun approach that is full of clear explanations. You’ll find yourself reading along in no time!

Interested? This book makes understanding complicated concepts easy by providing creative illustrations and interesting examples so readers are able read it like any other story they would enjoy as opposed to information overload.

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What’s On the Turntable This Week?

This week has me reminiscing about the 2nd annual TAC Jamboree, the people that were there, the magic that happened, and the very special performance and class that was held. A multi-instrumentalist that melts face on whatever instrument he holds…

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A Safe Resting Place For Your Acoustic Guitar

There are two guitar stands that have saved my butt more times than I can count…

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Whiskey Infused Guitars

Whiskey and guitars team up in the real world… not in the way you would normally think. As a whiskey fan and a complete #guitargeek this discovery pretty much blew my mind…

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