Ear Trumpets, An Underground Luthier, & A New Flight Case • Acoustic Tuesday #006

Here is your weekly dose of guitar geekiness!

These are Acoustic Guitar nuggets sifted from the sands of the internet for your knowledge and entertainment…and of course to propel the acoustic life.

Here’s is what’s covered in this video:

Serious Soap Box Action

Sometimes I have to get on my soapbox just for a bit…In fact if you missed the thoughts that I had about guitar mastery, then make sure to watch it. It is something that really interests me and one thing which can lead you down a dark path if not careful enough.

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Our Next Door Neighbor A Luthier

Bozeman has a long tradition of luthiery, with the famous Gibson right down the road. Craftsmen from all over have been drawn to this small town and it is now home to great bench makers such as…

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What’s On the Turntable This Week

This week my soft spot for songwriters leads me to an artist I have long admired. The stories he tells through songs are intricate yet simple… not to be too cliche here, but with so few words he can weave quite the tale, and his fantastic playing supports these lyrical road trips incredibly well…

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A New Kind of Flight Case?

Flying with a guitar is no doubt a stress filled task that has us #guitargeeks pressed up against the windows of an airplane wondering if we will see our guitar case launched across the tarmac..

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Those Microphones That Keep Popping Up

I have seen multiple live acoustic shows in various venues, I have watched many youtube videos of my favorite acoustic artists and they all seem to have something in common: the microphone…

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