Guitar Case Art, My Top Tuner & Acoustic Candy Shop! • Acoustic Tuesday #007

Another week has passed and I can sense that you are in need of more guitar geekiness to fuel your#acousticlife, so here goes:Featured in This Episode

The Best Way to Practice

I get asked quite often, ” What is the best way to practice?” or “How do I know what to practice?” Wonder no more, last week I flipped on the cameras and discussed the 5 essential categories of…

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Pitch Perfect Right On Your Headstock

Being in tune is rule ‘A’ number 1 when playing guitar either by yourself or at a jam, and if you have ever searched online for a tuner the options are truly ridiculous… Actually, the options are almost on the verge of comedic. So I wanted to cut through all the options…

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What’s On the Turntable This Week?

This week is a bit of a foray into some old time blues… I mean real deal blues here. His playing brings the terms foot stompin’, fingerpickin’, and blues mojo to a whole new level. Listening to him sing makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up…

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Good Vibes, The Best Kind of Vibes… Acoustic Vibes

Many days I virtually shop for guitars online, and one of my frequent stops is…

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Not Your Ordinary Guitar Cases

Your color options for guitar cases are generally, well, black. Now I should be technically correct here so there are other color options out there, but I would venture to guess that the majority of guitar cases come in black. Which is fine by me, but…

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