Making of a Mule and a Tonewood World Tour • Acoustic Tuesday #008

May this Acoustic Tuesday find you giddy with anticipation for the guitar geek list this week!

Without further adieu, here is the list of acoustic-life enriching things that I have been pondering this week.

Here what you can expect to see in this video:

A Guitar-Centric World Tour

If you are a #guitargeek then you likely are already waiting at the airport for this world tour focused on guitar…

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But This One Goes To Eleven

An electric guitar amplifier company diving into the world of acoustic amplification?!?!?! It’s true…

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What’s On the Turntable This Week?

If you happen to be a sucker for harmony laden acoustic music then what I am listening to this week will surely rattle your bones. Banjo, Guitar, Harmonies… This duo has it all…

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Dress Your Thumb Up For the Dance

So often with standard straight blade thumb picks a certain squeaky or scrapey sound occurs… ewwwwww!!! This sound isn’t intentional by any means, the function of the straight blade…

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Watch A Mule Take Form…

It is remarkable to see the work that goes into one of these beautiful instruments and equally amazing to see the reaction of…

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