Have You Seen THESE Pre War Guitars? • Acoustic Tuesday #010

Happiest of Acoustic Tuesdays to you!

This special Halloween Acoustic Tuesday is infused with acoustic items and things to be aware of that are scary good. Let’s dive into this terrifyingly terrific list, shall we?

Here’s what’s featured in this video:

A Vintage Inspired Artist Guitar

These guitars have always amazed me in their build quality, fit, finish, and also their tone… most importantly their tone. I was able to get my hands on one…

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The Healing Power of Music In Action

There happens to be an organization that is harnessing this power of music and helping out veterans here in the US. The program is called…

Learn about this Guitar Organization

What’s On the Turntable This Week?

This week harmonies will float through the air waves and delight your ears. These two sing together with an uncanny exactness, and although they have a high level of precision they retain the unique character that each of their voices have…

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A New Vintage Guitar… As In Newly Made

As acoustic #guitargeek legend has it, being able to play the all hallowed and super rare pre-war guitar is a about as common as seeing Bigfoot playing a G run in between sipping some fine bourbon…

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