Old Town School of Folk Music & Kalamazoo Gals • Acoustic Tuesday 013

Welcome to another weekly installment of Acoustic Tuesday.

This Acoustic Tuesday is an extremely special one that will not only save your guitar’s life, but also bring joy to your ears.

So without any more delay lets dive into the geekiness that is Acoustic Guitar.

Saving Guitar Lives One At A Time

Before I share with you a product that could potentially save your guitar’s life let me offer up three important tips…

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The “How To” That Is The King Of “How To’s”

An online “how to” repair database created by one of the top guitar geeks out there…

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What’s On the Turntable This Week?

This week I feature a folk duo that can go from raw and gritty all the way to soft and serene. Their harmonies sit comfortably aside one another regardless of the melody line, and the beautiful thing… their voices have such different characteristics yet they go together like two perfectly matched puzzle pieces…

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An Epicenter Of Acoustic Awesomeness

I have never gone into detail on how much of an amazing place it truly is. This is a must see for any acoustic #guitargeek…

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US History and Guitars All Under One Roof

A book chronicling the lives of the female luthiers who kept a major guitar company going through war time…

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