Acoustic Guitar History Made! • Acoustic Tuesday 023

Welcome to another Tuesday which so happens to be gracefully infused with maximum acoustic guitar geekiness!!!

Here are your 5 guitar geek items for the week:

Special Effects

Acoustic guitars and large pedalboards don’t necessarily have the same relationship as peanut butter and jelly but…

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The Vintage Specialists

Purchasing a vintage guitar can be a scary experience, especially if you aren’t able to give the instrument a full once-over in person. There can be so many hidden and downright scary things lying under the top…

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What’s On the Turntable This Week?

I love it when Youtube blackholes prove fruitful. About 11 years ago when I was first getting into the dobro I discovered something that is about as #guitargeek as you can get, and that happens to be exactly what I am listening to this week…

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Leap and the Net Will Appear

‘X’ bracing has been the gold standard for some time in the world of flattop steel string guitars and then along comes Andy Powers to shake things up in a major way…

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To Roast or Not To Roast

This week our bearded guitar brother Matt Chulka is back discussing a hot topic among acoustic guitar geeks…

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