Guitar Collections of 8 Guitar Geeks • Acoustic Tuesday 024

Happy Tuesday my proud guitar geek friend!

Welcome to another rousing rendition of Acoustic Tuesday sure to knock your socks off and send your flatpick flying.

Sit down, pour yourself your favorite beverage, and soak up these 5 guitar geek items coming your way:

It’s As If the Terminator Invented Fingerpicks

These are picks that act almost as if they are your actual fingernails. After receiving the last part of my order I offer…

See this Acoustic Guitar Finger Pick Review

A Round 2 Artist Visit

Way back on Acoustic Tuesday episode 3 I featured…

See this Acoustic Artist

What’s On the Turntable This Week?

This week I am listening to a folk and bluegrass-infused group that has tight harmonies, superb songwriting, and a cast of characters that play their instruments expertly…

See this Acoustic Artist Review

Bringing the Beauty Back

It’s one of those guitar accessories that are easy to forget about. I mean you buy a guitar and they are just there doing their thing…

See this Acoustic Guitar Accessory Review

History Made By Acoustic Tuesday Viewers

This Acoustic Tuesday we celebrate the all mighty guitarsenal… in fact we celebrate 8 guitarsenals. Eight of our very own…

See these Guitar Collections in this episode!

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