Andy Powers Fires Back at Tony • Acoustic Tuesday 025

Greetings guitarsenal wielding guitar geek and welcome to the totally tubular Tuesday now known as Acoustic Tuesday!!!

Without any hesitation lets knock out 5 items for your guitar geek radar…

A Trifecta of Awesome

Classic #guitargeek problem: too many instruments and not enough space…

See this Acoustic Guitar Stand Review

Bionic Picks

This week I received the last portion of an order that contained some not so average finger picks.

See this Acoustic Guitar Finger Pick Review

What’s On the Turntable This Week?

Modern percussive fingerstyle guitar can sometimes feel one dimensional; that is absolutely not the case with this artist. His ability to pair unique melodies with interesting rhythms is unparalleled…

See this Acoustic Artist Review

Musical Furniture For the Guitar Geeks

To see a fine specimen of an acoustic guitar in its natural guitar habitat is a thing of beauty…

See this Acoustic Guitar Display Review

Acoustic Boxing Round 2

This week’s episode featured a video response from Andy Powers explaining some things about V Class bracing and an invite. Be sure to check out the full episode to see what went down.

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