Listen to This Smokin’ Guitar and Dobro Duo! • Acoustic Tuesday 026

Salutations my string strumming #guitargeek friend!!!

This day greets you with some mouth watering guitar geek accouterment so let’s dig right in.

The Guitar Geek Coffee Table Companion

There are some guitar books that you just need… plain and simple. They are the kind of books that you can keep in your guitar room or set on your coffee table…

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Some Yoga Inspiration

Every now and then a #guitargeek has to show some love to other instruments, and what better instrument to show love to than one that is often under-appreciated and misunderstood.

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What’s On the Turntable This Week?

This duo is one that is musically tight, technically proficient, and really good at melting face. They are the type of musicians that inspire by helping you see what’s possible on their instrument…

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Tune Up, Tune In, Tune Out

Bozeman, Montana really seems to be an epicenter for luthiery and overall guitar geekery. I have featured local makers before on Acoustic Tuesday and they all build instruments, but Bozeman is also home to…

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Guitar Geeks Unite

It’s always a treat to see what our fellow #guitargeeks have in their collections and this week is full of some great guitars…

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