4 Acoustic Artists You NEED to Know • Acoustic Tuesday 028

Ahoy and welcome to the wondrous ship known as Acoustic Tuesday.

No pirates here — just five guitar geek items for you to learn about, check out, and share with your guitar geek friends.

A Comfortable Guitar Cradle

There are many guitar strap companies, all of which have their own unique piece of the strap pie. Some straps have custom designs, others boast about their comfort, and most are really really good at a certain thing…

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Your Guitar’s Life Line

Guitar cables are just one of those unassuming accessories that are ever present and often go unquestioned especially in the acoustic guitar world…

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Your Guitar Can Be A Barnstormer

Guitars and airplanes don’t really love one another, it’s a known fact. It’s never clear if you can carry your instrument on, and depending on…

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The Resonation Station

Matt eloquently sheds light on what gives a guitar that magic that makes you feel as if the guitar is kicking you right in the gut…

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What’s On the Turntable This Week?

I happen to be listening to songs from all the artists that will be playing at the first ever Acoustic Life Festival here in Bozeman, MT…

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